Highclere Dental Practice

Dentistry has changed over the years and patients are often asked to make a choice between different types of treatment and the decision can be difficult if you do not fully understand what is involved.


What can you do to make sure you are getting the most from your dentist?


Simply by talking to them, ask questions and do not be afraid to ask for a simpler explanation if there is anything you do not understand.




The best time to start talking to our dentist is when you visit for an examination or are thinking about joining the practice. You may not be happy with your smile, is there anything you would like to change? Talk to the dentist, he could make some suggestions that would help.


Highclere Dental Practice believes in building a good relationship with our patients as we feel this is the best way to give our patients the treatment that is suitable for their needs.

We are always happy to talk to patients, our regular ones and people who are looking for a new dentist, so that they have all the information they need to make an informed decision


If you have bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, occasional toothache, let us know so we can pay extra attention when making an examination. We may suggest a course of treatment you need. Always ask what is involved and what treatment options are available to you and also what the cost will be. If you are unsure of anything do not hesitate to ask.